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Modernizing a Self-Storage Facility: The Adoption of the Passport™ Locking Solution



In the heart of a small rural town, E-Z Storage TX emerged, breathing new life into an old western-style store. The owners transformed the space into a climate-controlled storage facility, preserving the charm of the historical building while creating a secure and modern environment for their tenants. The first phase of the project included 37 storage units, with ambitious plans to expand to 125-150 units in the near future.

Initially, the facility had planned to install traditional electronic locks on the storage units. However, due to challenges, including the requirement for wired internet connectivity to support the chosen locking system, the owners had to reconsider their options. “The remote location and associated costs of installing a wired internet connection in this rural area presented a significant hurdle,” said Trent Turner, owner, E-Z Storage TX. “We wanted a solution that would be cost-effective, reliable, and would not necessitate a complex infrastructure overhaul.”


“To meet our needs, we selected Onity Passport locks with Bluetooth technology, offering both security and convenience for tenants while sidestepping the need for a wired internet connection and providing us key metrics to further enhance our offering,” continued Turner. These electronic smart locks could be operated using a mobile app connected via Bluetooth, ensuring that the storage units remained accessible even during a recent Internet outage.

The Passport locking solution has brought several advantages to the storage facility. First, they offered improved security, as they were resistant to tampering and provided a record of each time a unit was accessed. Second, the convenience for tenants was a key selling point. They could access their units at any time, without the need for a physical key, on-site support, or worrying about the facility's Wi-Fi connectivity. The ease of use and the enhanced security measures contributed to an improved tenant experience. Finally, the data captured by Passport’s LoRaWAN software has provided additional critical insights into usage and operational statistics that the site plans to incorporate into future expansions, and properties.


The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive since the installation of the electronic locks. Tenants appreciate the convenience of managing their storage units through the mobile app, and they no longer need to carry physical keys. The facility operators have significantly reduced the need for maintenance and on-site management, as the electronic locks require minimal oversight. The unique, old-western atmosphere of the facility remains intact, while the modern technology enhances its appeal to potential tenants.

As the self-storage facility continues its expansion, electronic locks have emerged as a key element in their competitive advantage. They provide a secure, hassle-free experience for customers, while also allowing the owners to save on infrastructure costs, turning challenges into opportunities through innovative solutions.