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Better access means
smoother sailing.
On land or at sea, Onity’s solutions offer easy and secure access for any type of guest.
Chart a course to easier access.
Even at sea, our solutions offer contactless access that lends confidence to your guests, and your staff.
Contactless. Convenient.
DirectKey™ System
Mobile access technology that’s opened 100 million doors across 30,000 properties.
Bluetooth Technology
Allows guests to use Bluetooth® technology to unlock the door upon approach using their own devices.
Cloud-Based Offering
Provides a variety of ways to adopt mobile access with DirectKey technology through a cloud-based offering.
Advanced Security
Offers greater security than traditional access control systems as well as intelligent occupancy management and contact tracing.
Cost Effective
Reduces the costs of traditional key card management and production.
Form Meets Function
Serene™ Locks
Finally, a lock both form and function can love.
Unbelievably easy
Through a secure mobile key on their smartphone, guests can enjoy a seamless journey throughout the hotel — unlocking their room without contact and with ease as they approach the door.
Incredibly secure
Onity’s DirectKey system protects mobile key credentials using 128-bit AES encryption and complements the security features built into Serene.
Customizable for your needs
Designed to fit your look with a range of lever styles and finishes available. And, if you need more selection to complete your look, Serene locks are also compatible with a range of alternate levers.
Trillium® Locks
A sleek design that complements modern hotel aesthetics.
Easy upgrade path
Provides easy upgrades where Onity HT and ADVANCE locks currently are installed -- no new door cuts or repainting are required when installing new Trillium locks.
Advanced credential security
Trillium RFID ​locks include the option to use MIFARE Plus technology, an enhanced credential security for RFID cards.
Optional DirectKey™ technology
With a hotel provided smartphone app, guests can securely download their assigned key for easy ac​cess to their assigned room and other access-controlled areas.
Cruise Lines
Our access solutions are deployed across over 20,000 cabin doors on the fleets of many shipping companies.
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