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Open the door to new beginnings.
Moving into senior living facilities opens a new chapter in life. And with Onity’s integrated access systems, residents can freely move about the property while simply and securely unlocking doors to their rooms and activity spaces.
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80 Years of Experience
Over 5M Electronic Locks Sold and 4M+ Bluetooth® Locking Devices Deployed
Contactless unlocking flexible implementation. reduced deployment costs. enhanced security.
No Contact. No Problem.
DirectKey™ Technology
Mobile access technology that’s unlocked doors over 250 million times across 30,000 properties.
Bluetooth Technology
Allows residents to use Bluetooth® technology to unlock the door upon approach using their own devices.
Cloud-Based Offering
Provides a variety of ways to adopt mobile access with DirectKey technology through a cloud-based offering.
Advanced Security
Offers greater security than traditional access control systems as well as intelligent occupancy management and contact tracing.
Trillium® and ADVANCE Trillium Locks
A sleek design that complements modern property aesthetics.
Easy upgrade path
Provides easy upgrades where Onity Trillium and ADVANCE Trillium locks currently are installed -- no new door cuts or repainting are required when installing new Trillium locks.
Advanced credential security
Trillium RFID ​locks include the option to use MIFARE Plus technology, an enhanced credential security for RFID cards.
Optional DirectKey™ technology
With the smartphone app provided, students can securely download their assigned key for easy ac​cess to their assigned room and other access-controlled areas.
A door that opens peace of mind.
Designed for hotel, business, and residential applications, our range of safes are designed with convenience and security in mind.
An intelligent energy management solution for improved experiences
Our feature-rich line of energy management products offers innovative design and unsurpassed performance.
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