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Onity Serene Solution Harmonizes Aesthetic Vision with Convenience and Reliable Security for Spanish Hotel

San Sebastián, Spain -


Hotel Tres Reyes San Sebastián is a new four-star hotel located in the heart of San Sebastián, a popular tourist destination in the Basque Country region of northern Spain. With 80 rooms, it offers a unique and memorable experience for guests seeking a combination of luxury, comfort, and sustainability in a prime location.

The hotel differentiates itself in the market through an emphasis on stylish, modern décor designed by the prestigious interior design studio of Lázaro Rosa Violán as well as through its commitment to providing exceptional service to its guests. That exceptional service extends beyond the welcoming atmosphere and array of amenities, to include a focus on state-of-the-art technology such as electronic locks with Bluetooth® based mobile key options. 

During the design phase, the hotel sought a locking solution that would not only provide guests with convenience and reliable security, but that would also meet the aesthetic vision central to its warm luxury experience. “We sought a lock that seamlessly blended the elegant design envisioned in the decoration project, emphasizing both aesthetic appeal and functionality,” explains Maite Alaba, Director, Hotel Tres Reyes San Sebastián. “Furthermore, we wanted a high-end, innovative lock solution that met budgetary requirements without compromising on quality and performance.” 


To meet this high bar, the hotel selected the Onity™ Serene™ locking solution. Onity Serene is a sleek all-in-one lock purpose-built both inside and out to meet the needs of luxury hotels. It fuses elegant design aesthetics with a rich set of features to create an optimal experience for hotel management and guests alike. “Among various market options, we opted for the Serene lock due to its exceptional combination of features and advantages that perfectly aligned with our requirements,” explains Alaba.

The solution utilizes Onity’s DirectKey™ mobile access technology which enables guests to use their mobile phones to enjoy a seamless journey throughout the hotel by unlocking their room without contact and with ease as they approach their door. The Serene locking solution also leverages Onity’s OnPortal™ lock management software allowing staff to create and manage both mobile and physical key credentials for optimal efficiency, flexibility and guest satisfaction. 

The hotel also outfits each room with Onity’s OS100 Safes to provide guests with an additional layer of security for storing valuables as they enjoy their stay in San Sebastian.   


Hotel Tres Reyes San Sebastian installed the Onity Serene solution on all 80 of its rooms. “Its superior functionality, elegant design, and innovative features made it the ideal choice,” notes Alaba. “The Onity Serene solution satisfied the hotel's needs for a lock that harmonized with its aesthetic vision while providing reliable security and convenience for our guests.”